Original Comics

I edited Scifies: The 2019 Anthology, a science fiction comics anthology written and drawn by a diverse array of creators.

I contributed a short, magical realist story entitled “Laser Eyes” to Create Destroy Repeat: An Anthology of Rebirth and Redemption.

I wrote a humorous minicomic called BENNY BECK: VAMPIRE KILLER with art by cartoonist Jonah Newman.

I am currently editing two exciting comics from talented creative teams that I can’t talk about yet due to NDA.

The Comics Beat

You can find all of my bylines here, but these are some of my favorites:

TRICK OR BEAT: Man is the real monster–an ode to Guillermo Del Toro

INTERVIEW: Damion Scott on his Black Panther mural and honoring Chadwick Boseman

SHUT IN THEATER: We watched CATS (2019) and may never recover

Analysis: Will comics survive the current crisis?

DC ROUND-UP: How one page from ALL-STAR SUPERMAN saved my life

Silber Linings

Silber Linings is my weekly humor column at The Beat, where I dive deep into pop culture obsessions like comics, movies, and music. You can read it all here, but here are some highlights:






The Daily Dot

‘Castlevania’ season 3 review: Even without Dracula, it’s spooky fun

Netflix’s ‘Hip-Hop Evolution’ season 4 takes a stellar documentary series into the 21st century

Netflix’s ‘6 Underground’ suffers from a lazy script and dubious morals

Amazon’s ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ reboot isn’t for you—and that’s fine

Tiffany Haddish’s physical comedy shines in Netflix’s ‘Black Mitzvah’


The May 2022 issue, “The Metafiction Special,” includes an extensive interview with Grant Morrison about metafiction, as well as how it pertains to their relationship with gender, drugs, and day-to-day life. I also helped curate the other metafiction essays, and wrote the introduction to this issue.

The April 2021 issue includes my interview with author Daniel Jose Older about writing his first comic, the joy of collaboration, the relationship between comics and music, and more as it relates to his work with artist Harvey Tolibao on Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures.

The October 2020 issue includes an interview with writer Alex Paknadel, artist Thomas Nachlik, and letterer Ariana Maher about their first Marvel work and the realities of working in comics.

The April 2020 issue includes a retrospective of Brian Michael Bendis’ groundbreaking career as a superhero comics writer.

The March 2019 issue includes an essay about family and mental health themes in my favorite finale to a Batman story.

The May 2018 issue includes a review of a Moon Knight issue exploring generational trauma in Jewish families.


You can find all of my bylines here, but these are some of my favorites:




Comic Book Resources

SENYC: Mike, Laura Allred on Love, Music and Existentialism
SENYC: Howard Chaykin on Superhero Absurdity






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